Get a Library of Congress Control Number to Showcase Your Self-Published Book

The numbers of contemporary writers are increasing day by day. Many writers publish through agencies, but a significant amount of writers are self-publishers. So if you are a self-published writer, let me guide you about the Library of Congress number for self-published book.

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How To Get A Library Of Congress Number?

A Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) is kind of like an identification number distributed free of cost by Washington D.C.’s Library of Congress for your book. Through making the application to the Library of Congress number for your book, you get a predesignated control number (PCN) – a particular number for libraries of the country to catalog your book. PCN process makes you a recorded and legit author in the governmental Library of Congress record. It has a wide scope. And it is very easy to get it.

To obtain a Library of Congress Control Number for your book, you would have to complete the application to participate and get the account and password from the publisher’s portal. The account, with the password, will give you access to an appropriate form. By filling that form, your request to get a Library of Congress Control Number will be filed. Once you get an LCCN, you will put that on the back of your book’s title page so libraries can process through your book. And PCN will get you connected to book vendors, libraries, book shops, etc.

If you are eligible (a U.S. citizen) and you have made up your mind to get your book published with LCCN, follow the publisher’s portal, create an account, will out the form, provide details, and finally, get your LCCN.

Getting a Library of Congress Control Number is free of cost. You have to submit a couple of forms, and, in no time, you will get your number. Knowledge and patience is the key here.

Who Is Eligible To Submit LCCN Request?

Books that are written and published inside the USA are only eligible for the PCN program; thus, only they can submit the LCCN request. These publishers will have to mention the place of publishing on the title page/copyright page of the book.

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