How Much Does A Development Editor Cost?

Writing a book is one of the most rewarding deeds you can ever do in your life. As a great author, you write something unique and beautiful in such a way that readers will adore forever.

But once you are finished writing, you might be wondering how to get it checked by a professional before publishing? How much does a development editor cost?

A development editor’s job is to proofread a manuscript and correct spelling, grammar errors, and punctuation. However, a book editor is also known as a manuscript doctor and a fact-checker. Additionally, there are different types and levels of book editors.

Below, you will find pricing for two different types of editorial services you may be seeking.


Basic copyediting is about reviewing the written text and also correcting grammar, spelling, as well as punctuation. A copyeditor’s job is to read your entire manuscript, check for redundancy, consistency, transition, flow, and the efficient use of words.

He will provide suggestions or offer copywriting to conveniently transition from one step to the next. The copy editor cost could be different from the development editor cost in terms of their job’s nature and demands.

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Some copy editors are also supposed to check sources and statistics within the book for testing its accuracy. Skilled copy editors are good at maintaining the author’s tone and style while buffing the manuscript and improving the copy.

Developmental Editor

A developmental editor is generally involved in doing the writing process, sometimes before the book author has even started to write the book. Developmental editing is actually about the entire organization and development of the book, the storyline, and the characters.

The developmental editor sometimes suggests the order in which all the book lessons are presented, and also the overall content, arrangement, and flow of the text. When the developmental editing is done, the book is ready to be sent for copyediting.

Editor charges

Depending on the different types of editing desired, a book editor’s charges are variable.

The average editing costs are as under:

  • Basic copyediting: 5–10 pgs/hr: $30–40/hr
  • Heavy copyediting: 2–5 pgs/hr: $40–50/hr
  • Substantive editing: 1–6 pgs/hr: $40–60/hr
  • Developmental editing: 1–5 pgs/hr: $45–55/hr

Obviously, rates may vary depending on the type and length of the text. A developmental editor cost will be higher as compared to other editors’ because their part of the job is to have an in-depth look at each part of your copy.